Unique Mobile Gallery

We transformed an ordinary shipping container into an extraordinary multifunctional exhibition space.

  • A GALLERY that can travel!
  • A GALLERY that comes to the visitor!
  • A GALLERY that will be for everyone and free of charge!
  • A GALLERY that can also serve as a small lookout or a stage!
  • A GALLERY that will bring colorful emotions to the rational world!
  • A GALLERY that you can visit anytime! At midnight or at dawn!

The whole concept is designed so that the gallery can travel, just like a shipping container. It is easy to load, take away and put back in its new place. Thanks to its location in a public space, this is the first gallery that is truly for everyone. Even those who are not regular visitors to exhibition halls. The exhibitions inside are visible from the outside, so it is also a gallery that is accessible at any time, at dawn or midnight. And for free!

Projekt Mobilní galerie vám přináší Umění ve městě, Scoolpt a LIKO-S